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The instructions below allow you to run the built in diagnostic program in your HP8920A, HP8920B, HP8921A, 8924E/C, E8285A and E6380A units. This will test your unit for faults. When you turn on your unit, the screen should indicate:"All self tests pass". This message indicates that the power supply voltages are correct and there are no major failures. It is not an indication that the unit is working properly.

To test your units self diagnostics including: Audio Frequency, Radio Frequency and Misc. performance (you will need (2) BNC-BNC cables, (1) BNC "T" adapter and (1) N male to BNC female adapter):
1)Press the “TESTS” button. (Press "Menu" on E6380A)
2) Select “ROM” under "select procedure location". (select by moving the courser with the large scroll knob / select by pressing in the scroll knob)
3) Select “AF_DIAGS”; or “RF DIAGS”;  “MISC_DIAGS(run only part 2- port tests)” "under procedure filename". If you are testing an 8924E/C unit, select CDMA diags also. Depending on the firmware and model, the diagnostic procedure may be named AFDIAG2; RFDIAG2; MSDIAG2, etc. For the E8285A select "Service7", for the E8285A, select "Service4". After you "Run Test" select functional diagnostics, RF_diagnostics, AF_Diagnostics on the E8285 or E6380 units.
4) Select RUN or Run Test.
5) Follow on screen directions. You will need to attach the BNC cables to different ports. Each test may take from 2-6 minuets. At end of test, screen will indicate # of failures. Note any failures. These procedures extensively test the HP892x product. There is a possibility that the unit will pass all these self diagnostics and still have a fault, but this is rare.

To check your installed options:
1) Press the “TESTS” button.
2) Select “ROM” under procedure location.
3) Select LIST_OPTS under procedure
4) Select RUN
    The HP8920 will now list the included options on the screen.

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