Amtronix Instruments, Inc. Service Request Form    (print and complete this form-include with your unit)

    If you are shipping a unit to Amtronix for repair, please complete this form.  By shipping your unit for repair and calibration, you are accepting a charge up to $900. We will call with an estimate that may be less or more. Before shipping, we recommend you run your units self diagnostic tests. See       to run these tests.
     Protect your unit! Fold the carry handle back toward the rear of the 8920, against the case. Make sure the 8920 unit has a minimum of 3" protection at the front and rear, 2" at the sides , top and bottom. These are minimums. We recommend a box at least 28" long, 22" wide and 13" high. Use bubble wrap, foam or other protective material. When using foam, put your unit into a plastic bag first so foam particles don't get into the unit. Pack your unit so it can withstand a drop of at least 2-3 feet. We suggest FedEx Ground or FedEx. UPS seems to drop a lot of boxes.

Ship via UPS , FedEx, FedEx Ground or other carrier to:

Amtronix Instruments, Inc.
C/O Rick Bowman
4168 Baker St. Ext.
Lakewood, NY  14750
Ph 716-763-9104

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Firmware upgrade, if this is an HP 8920B, we offer to upgrade the firmware to the latest V6.01 at no extra charge. Do you want this upgrade? (circle)     YES    NO