Stolen Equipment

    If you have any stolen equipment to sell, consider this:

All equipment purchased by Amtronix Instruments, Inc. or any reputable Test Equipment Dealer must have a serial number or have a good reason to have it missing. If you have stolen test equipment, it's likely only a matter of time before its reported stolen. Then the serial number will go on a law enforcement "stolen equipment database". If this equipment is ever returned to the manufacture for a calibration, the serial number will be checked and the process of an investigation will begin. All parties that purchased the equipment will likely have to refund their received payment to their buyer and face an investigation from local and federal investigators (including the FBI). Even if the equipment doesn't get returned to the manufacturer, its very likely your buyer will have the serial number checked.
    If you remove the serial number or alter it, most manufactures have the serial hidden in the instrument in several places. Most now also have the serial number burned into the ram memory of the unit.
    We have had the misfortune of unknowingly purchasing stolen test equipment on more than 1 occasion. The people who knew that the equipment was stolen were investigated and prosecuted. It might take a few years for this to develop but it is very likely to happen because of the high value of equipment. If "you didn't know" it was stolen, your still in trouble! If you have stolen test equipment- Return it Immediately!!!
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