Amtronix Instruments, Inc.
4168 Baker St.
Lakewood, NY  14750
Ph 716-763-9104 Fax 716-763-0371
Wire Transfer Instructions

Thank you for doing business with Amtronix Instruments, Inc. ! We go to great lengths to insure every unit of Electronic Test Equipment meets or exceeds the original factory specifications. If you are transferring funds to Amtronix, please follow these instructions:

1. All sales are in US funds. please make sure your bank is informed of this. Before you transfer funds, please make sure the item you want is available and Inform Amtronix Instruments, Inc. to hold it for you.

2. Our bank information is:
                369 E. Fairmount Ave.
                Lakewood, NY  14750
            Ph#716-763-9736 or wire transfer ph#800-539-2968
                Routing # 021300077   or Swift code: KEYBUS33 or UID#044668
                Account Name:  Amtronix Instruments, Inc.
                Account # ???????????  (   e-mail amtronix for 12 digit account number   )
3. Add $20. (USD) if payment is less than $500 to your payment because your bank is removing that amount to process the wire transfer. If payment is over $500, there is no charge.

4. On the wire transfer "Details" indicate your company name ( or your name if no company is buying) and the model you are ordering.
 (example:   Details:  Apple Engineering Co., LTD.; HP8920B  )

5. Immediately after funds are transferred, fax a copy of the fund transfer to: 716-763-0371, or e-mail to sales7(at) that you completed the wire transfer.  If a copy of the fund transfer is unavailable, fax or e-mail a letter to inform Amtronix that the transfer has taken place.  Your order will generally ship in 1-3 days. Thank you !

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