Attenuators, Coaxial Relays, Connectors, Misc.

70 db Latching Step Attenuator- HP 33321-60045  10db Steps and this unit latches. SMA connectors  DC-4 GHZ....$75.00/ea   More Info

HP 33321SC Step Attenuator - $75.00    Information for HP33321SC, SD, SG

HP 33321SD  Step Attenuator - $75.00

HP 33321SG Step Attenuator - $75.00

Mini Circuits ZAPD-21-1  500MHz - 2 GHz  0 deg. splitter - $25.00

DC-20 GHz Latching Microwave Coaxial Switch - HP 8765B Coaxial Relay has SMA connectors and will handle up to 2 watts power. It comes with a 50 ohm load on 1 of the sma connectors. It requires 15 volts. This relay will latch on the last side power is applied to.  To latch SMA conn (1) to the (C), apply a +15V pulse to the red lead, ground to the brown lead. To switch the (C) to SMA connector (2), apply a +15 VDC pulse to the orange lead and ground the yellow lead.   $20./ea                  more info

SMA Bulkhead Connectors - $2./ea

Artesyn  NFS40-7610  3 output power supply, 100 - 240 VAC 50/60 HZ input; +5.1VDC/3A, +15.0 VDC/ 2A,  -15 VDC / .35A output. - $10/ea . 10 or more / $5.00/each

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