Set up your E8285A to Boot Up for 2-Way Radio Use

    This procedure will allow your E8285A to boot up for 2 way (or Ham) radio use. It will set the E8285A to show frequencies (not channels), Turn on the speaker and set the volume control to adjust volume (not fixed level). When you perform the following steps, your E8285A will save the screen setups and from then on, it will turn on and automatically be set up with frequencies and more desirable for settings for 2 way radio.

1) Turn E8285A on, when it completes its startup, press the "Config" key on the top row of keys.
2) Under "RF Display" select "Freq", under "RF Offset" select "off"
3) Press "AF Anal" key, under "AF Analyzer in" select "FM Demod"; Under the Spkr volume field, select "Pot".
4) Press "TX Test", set frequency to 150.000 MHz
5) Press RX Test, Set RF Generate frequency to 100.00 MHz, set FM Deviation to "3 KHz".
6) Press the blue shift key, press the "save" key
7) using the curser control knob, spell out "POWERON", then select "DONE"

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