Make your HP 8924C Turn on like an 8920B

When you turn on the unit, the RX test screen should appear on the display after the “8924C” screen. We have stored this screen and other setup configurations popular for 2-way radio testing by using the “POWERON” store feature. These setups will make your 8924C start up and simulate an 8920B unit.

           If this is lost for any reason, here is the procedure to restore it:

            1) Turn on (CDMA Call Control screen will come on first) Press “shift” then “config”. The configuration screen will appear.

            2)Scroll to the first field, Range Hold, highlight “auto all”. Scroll to the RF Display field and select “freq”. Scroll to the RF Offset field and select “off”, scroll to the PCS intrfc control and select “off”.

            3) Use only the 6 keys in the Analog Screens Section of the keyboard.  Press the "AF Anl" key, scroll to "Af Anl In" and set to"FM Demod", scroll to "Detector" and set to "PK+-/2". Press the TX Test button, set freq to150MHz, Press the RF Gen Button, set freq to 100MHz.

            4) Press the Blue Shift Key, then the Store Key. Use the main scrolling knob to select the letters  POWERON  , one letter at a time. Scroll to the top and   select  “Done”. This completes the POWERON setup procedure.  From here on, when the 8924C powers up, it will start at the Analog RX Test screen.

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