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HP 8924C or Agilent 8924C with 60 or 100 Watt RF Power input option.
  The Agilent or HP 8924C is a test set originally designed for CDMA phone testing. Because of the newer technologies, there is not a large demand for CDMA phone testing. We have a number of these 8924C units with the 100 Watt input option making these units ideal for use as a general purpose service monitor. Compare the HP 8924C with the HP 8920B. The Agilent /  HP 8924C was designed using hardware and firmware from the HP 8920B. In general, the HP 8924C was made to test CDMA cell phones but it also includes everything the HP 8920B has and for that reason, it will make an excellent Service Monitor. You don't need to use the HP 8924C CDMA features. With these 100 watt units, the HP 8924C will do everything the 8920B will do, in the same way.  We also have the standard Agilent / HP 8924C units with the original 3W input. Purchasing a unit from Amtronix Instruments, Inc. is different from other sellers in that it will include a new internal CRT, cleaned and refurbished with all wear parts replaced, calibration traceable to NIST with 20 pages of full performance evaluation data and a 90 day warranty. The performance evaluation is an extensive automated test with lab standards and guarantees the unit is working compliant to original factory specifications. Check out the screen pictures:

8924C opt 60 front
Agilent / HP 8924C Front Panel with opt 060 - 60 watt continous RF input. We have 100W units too.

receive test screen         TX Test Screen 
Here is the screen you see when the HP 8924C is turned       This is the HP 8924C TX Test Screen - Same as the
on. We set the HP 8924C unit up with the POWERON        TX Test Screen on the HP 8920B.
feature so it always starts up on this screen and
displays frequency in the first field. Same as the 8920B.

TX test with 61.6W       TX test screen with 114W 
Here is the HP 8924C TX Test Screen with 61.6 watts   Here is the HP 8924C TX Screen with 114 watts input.
input to the RF I/O Jack. You can input this power         You can input this power level with our opt 60 units
level with our opt 60 units. Same as the HP8920B.          Same as the HP8920B. The HP 8924C will warn you
                                                                                      if you exceed 90 watts. We input 120 watts for 10
                                                                                       seconds without a problem.

RF Analyzer Screen      RF Generator Screen
HP8924C RF Analyzer Screen is the same as the            HP8924C RF Generator Screen is the same as the
HP 8920B.                                                                     HP 8920B.

8924C Encoder Screen      8924C decoder screen  
HP 8924C Signaling Encoder Screen. It will encode       HP 8924C Signaling Decoder Screen. It will decode
function generator waveforms, tone sequence, DTMF     function generator waveforms, tone sequence, DTMF
CDCSS (digital PL), digital paging, NMT, MPT1327     CDCSS (digital or DPL), digital paging, NMT,
LTR and EDACS. Same as the HP8920B.                     MPT1327 LTR and EDACS. Same as the HP8920B.
                                                                                       Using the 8924C decoder for PL / DPL

8924C Spectrum Analyzer       HP8924C Oscilloscope 
HP 8924C Spectrum Analyzer Screen. Same as the         HP 8924C Oscilloscope Screen. Same as the 8920B.
HP 8920B. It even has the adjacent channel power
screen. This Spectrum Analyzer is identical to the
HP 8920B unit.

8924C opt 060  8924C Tracking Generator
HP8924C Front Panel with opt 060 / 60 Watt input.   This is the HP 8924C Tracking Generator Screen shown
 Agilent 8924C Agilent 8924C Agilent 8924C Agilent 8924C Agilent 8924C   sweeping an economy duplexer tuned to notch 470 MHz.
  Agilent 8924C Agilent 8924C Agilent 8924C hp8924c  hp8924c          You can sweep a span from 1 - 1000MHz on this

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