Amtronix Instruments, Inc.  We repair and calibrate the HP 8920A HP 8920B and HP 8921A

    If you have an HP 8920 unit in need of repair and calibration, were your guys. With over 20 years experience and some 2000 repairs, we have the experience to repair any problem an 8920 might have, calibrate it and provide full performance evaluation data on our automated system. Your unit will work just as it did when it left the factory.  The cost for a calibration with full performance evaluation data is $425.00 
    Our price for a repair and calibration is generally  $900 and automatically includes an NIST traceable Calibration with full performance evaluation data. We also can add or remove options. This price could be less for basic issues or more for multiple failures.
      Amtronix has a fully automated performance evaluation system that tests virtually all functions and accuracy of the 8920 product.  We will contact you with an estimate within days of the units arrival here. If your an International shipper,   

1) The current used value of an HP 8920A or B is about $5500.  (We sell them for more and some sell these for less- this is an average used value) I suggest listing the value for this amount.
2) Indicate "Free Domicile" on your paperwork. This means the receiver (Amtronix Instruments, Inc.) will not be billed duties and taxes.
3) Indicate "Made in USA" on all paperwork.
4) Indicate "Shipping to USA for repair only - not a sale"
5) If you need the original address where your HP 8920A was made, use: Hewlett Packard , 3808 North Sullivan Road#33; Spokane, WA 99216 

To have your unit repaired, complete the following form and include it with the unit.  Feel free to call 716-763-9104 or  email Amtronix with any

concerns. Thank you for your business!  Sincerely, Rick Bowman

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