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BTS Screen Capture Laptop Utility        Capture the screen on your HP/ Agilent 8920A/B 8921A, 8924C, 8935, E8285A to a bitmap file on your PC                                                                

Contact Amtronix Instruments, Inc.      email and phone information

Dayton Hamvention Specials                  Updated March 1st every year. Listed here are specials we have at the Dayton Hamvention in mid May.

Decode DPL (DTCSS)  How to use the DTCSS decoder in the 8920A/B or 8924C (note: the E8285A, and 8935 will not decode DPL)

Diagnostics for the HP 8920A/B 8921, etc.   Instructions for running the built in diagnostic program on the Agilent / HP 8920A/B, 8921A, 8924C, E8285A, 8935.

Differences between the HP 8920A/B 8921A, 8924C, 8935, E8285A  Pictures and explanation of the differences between these units.

Duplexer Tuning      Information on using a return loss bridge to tune a duplexer.

Electronic vs. Mechanical Input Module  Here are the differences regarding the electronic and mechanical input modules.

Have equipment to sell?    Instructions to sell your equipment

HP 8922 Quick Start Guide    A short guide to help you get started uning the HP 8922.

HP 8924C   Informaion on the HP 8924C Test Set. Most of this is for analog use.

HP 8924C Electronic input offset  Here is a chart showing the actual vs. display indication of the electronic input modules when used below 30 MHz.

HP 8924C Power on like the HP 8920B  Easy user programming to make the HP 8924C boot up like the 8920A/B.

HP 8924C Quick Start Guide   A short startup guide for the 8924C

HP 8935 / E6380A   Information for the HP / Agilent 8935

HP / Agilent E8285A  Information on the HP or Agilent E8285A

HP/Agilent E8285A Setup   Information to make the E8285A boot up like the HP 8920B

Options for the HP 8920A/B  List of options for the HP / Agilent 8920A/B-some prices may not be up to date.

Parts for HP 8920 and others    Here is a list of many boards, modules, etc. for the HP / Agilent 8920A/B 8921A, 8924C, E8285A, 8935

Repair Services by Amtronix Instruments, Inc.  If you have equipment that needs a repair, click here.

Return Loss Bridge  See the Amtronix SW2012N Return Loss Bridge

RF Tools and your SW2012N Bridge  Information using RF Tools and a Return Loss Bridge.

Used Electronic Test Equipment  Quality used equipment for sale. Most of this equipment is calibrated to original factory specifications and guaranteed.

Video Converter for HP/Agilent  The MVC-007 converts the rear "video out" of many HP/Agilent units for use with a computer monitor.